Manila 2018

It was a honor to be a small part of the revival that’s happening in the Philippines!
Lives were changed, people were filled with the Holy Ghost and bodies healed in Jesus name!
#MissionManila2018 - Les Hester
It was such a privilege to be a part of the Missions Impact Team in Manila.  What an impact our Sunday rally had on my life as I walked through the crowd of hungry hearts and watched God full so many with the Holy Ghost! It was the fulfillment of a dream from God 30+ years before- Rev. Curtis Riggen
Children’s Ministry! Feeding and clothing those kiddos is a highlight of my trip to the Philippines- Sarah Perez
           The past few years my life has been full of frustration, confusion and unsettledness. I didn't really understand what was happening at the time, but now I see things much better. That God was preparing me for something BIG!
               I am 47 years old and I never imagined that I would travel around the world for a missions trip. Mission Impact 2018 to the Philippines was my very first missions trip and also my very first time to leave the USA. My heart was overwhelmed from seeing those people live with such a servants heart with very much less comfort than we are use to in America. I was convicted in my spirit. Ashamed of the things I've complained about in the past. How could I feel such LOVE from a stranger whom I had never met? It's very hard to express how I felt when I was in the first service. Which was just a chapel service at the college. However, their chapel service was better than a lot of our Sunday night services. I immediately felt such a sweet presence of God. Each service was greater and greater. I was amazed how they never tired from worship. As I testified before my church when I got home I told them .... "As America slept, God filled countless souls with the power of his Spirit in the Philippines!!"
                        Bro. Marshall I can't tell you how appreciative I am that you allowed me to be apart of this trip! I will truly never be the same. Even now, the Lord will remind me of the Philippines and my heart smiles, I am encouraged and I say no matter what I am blessed! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!  I pray the blessings of the Lord ecumber you and your family until He returns.
In Great Appreciation,
Denise Brooks
Manila Arkansas

Brazil 2018 

The Brazil Mission Trip was life changing for me. They say, “Exposure breeds a burden.” The church in Brazil will forever be in my heart primarily because of their kindness and their exuberant worship.-Lindel Anderson 

It’s crazy how I went on a missions trip to minister, but I was really the one being ministered to. God clearly spoke to me. On this trip I realized that God will take willingness and sacrifice over talent. I’m forever grateful for this experience.-Abigail Hayworth



My name is Alyssa Cox, and my husband Jason and I had the incredible opportunity last year to visit Brazil! To say the least, we’ve never been the same. What stands out the most to us is their freedom of worship from the moment they walked into church until dismissal time!

One of my very favorite moments was the baptismal service... many were baptized that evening, and I will never forget the sweet ladies of the church, and some grandmothers of those getting baptized dancing around in the altar together while they watched their family being buried in the name of Jesus! Such a beautiful moment as lives were being changed!

Beautiful people, hungry for God and excited about the Spirit of God pouring out on their precious country! God bless Brazil!-Jason Alyssa Cox

God opened my eyes and my heart for missions during this trip and I now feel a burden like never before to help be a relief and blessing to missions. Brazil will forever have a special place in my heart-Stesha Barkley
I am currently a Sophomore at IBC. This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to go to Brazil with Brother Marshall and IBC. Being able to be a part of this trip, something that’s so much greater than myself, was a huge blessing. I’ve always had a heart for missions, and this trip truly changed my life. The people of Brazil and their love and passion for God truly inspired me, and gave me a greater appreciation for the things that the Lord has blessed me with.-Jaisa Wehrle
Never once did I think that I would travel to another country. After traveling to Brazil and experiencing another country and culture, I had a fresh outlook not only on the world but also a fresh outlook on what the Kingdom of God truly looks like. It doesn’t matter what the difference may be, the Spirit of God still moves and impacts people beyond language and cultural barriers.-Zane Crossen
Going on this trip was an amazing and life changing opportunity. This opened my eyes to how big our God really is and that He is the same anywhere you go.-Jon Atwood
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