Our Approach

Missions Statement:
Mission Impact Team is created to Empower the Apostolic Church for local evangelism. Equip the Apostolic Church with the knowledge and tools to reach it’s full purpose. Inspire the Apostolic Church to train, minister, and fulfill the Great Commission.
Accelerate the Apostolic Church for Maximum World Harvest.

Vision Statement:
The vision of Mission Impact Team is to Impact Nations, Churches, and Individuals in ways that will make a difference in not only those who are ministered to, but also to those that minister. 

We will empower individuals through training, teaching, and hands-on application of the gifts and callings of God .

Executive Team

Meet the driving force behind The Mission Impact Team, each Member brings unique abilities to this team.


Timothy J Marshall

Founder & CEO

Tim was raised in the Philippines with a different perspective than many of his peers, Tims perspective has always been one of Global Impact. Tim and his wife Melanie Pastored for 10 Years in Indiana, and have been traveling for a total of 14 years, Tim and Melanie were raised on the Mission field and have a heart for other nations and cultures. Tim and Melanie Lived in Australia, The Philippines, Hong Kong. They Currently travel extensively as Evangelist.

jason B

Jason Beardsley



Josh Resar

Director of  Substance Abuse 

Josh has an incredible story of redemption, after manyb years of Drug use and abuse and dealing drugs. Josh Turned his life around and is married with three Children and is a very successful buiness owner on his province in Canada. Josh also travels with his family speaking and teaching in Churches around the USA and Canada.


Robert Eades

 Director of Forgotten Children Assistance

Robert Eades is a Pastor in the Great State of Texas, after pastoring for 15 years in Kentucky, along with being a presbyter for his organization Robert and his wife Sherry traveled around the US and Canada for several years before settling in Texas. Rob is an accomplished musician and recording artist. He brings passions and Compassion to Mission Impact Team.


Jonathan Arneault

Director Of Life Source Funding

Jonathan is a Pastor in Gulf Breeze Florida, with a great vision for helping people, he uses an outside the ordinary approach with his Passion of Ministry , Business and People. he is loved and respected by his peers. He has been with IBM technologies and with his leadership experience, Skills and abilities. He is a welcome asset to Mission Impact Team.


Sarah Perez

Administritive Assistant Life Skills Training and Marketing

Sarah is a One Woman ministry Machine, her passion, her abilities and her ability to adapt to any situatation is what propels her and will continue to bring her in front of People around the World , We love Sarah , she is a talented amazing part of the Team.Sarah has a Degree in Worship Studies from Indiana Bible College.


Dr Jeff Stirnemann

Director of Medical Missions

Dr. Stirnemann has over 20 years of practicing medicine including emergency medicine in underserved and critical access areas as well as primary care. He trained at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine and was involved with research in Vanderbilt Department of Otolaryngology. He is a minister himself, wanting to join medicine and ministry to accomplish the mission of spreading the whole gospel to the whole world.


Joel and Lydia Mitchell

Joel and Lydia Mitchell Pastor in Montgomery Alabama, they are wonderful people with a great passion for helping people of any nationality. The have been involved with many aspects of ministry for most of the their lives. We are glad they are a part of Mission Impact Team

Mission Impact Team


Mission Manila 2016
Mission Manila 2016
Mission Manila 2017 
IBC Praise
Mission Manila 2017 IBC Praise
Mission Brazil 2018 With IBC Praise
Mission Brazil 2018 With IBC Praise
Mission Manila with Music Team
Mission Manila with Music Team
Mission Manila 2018
Mission Manila 2018

Next Steps...

If you would like to be involved there is a place for you. please contact us .